"I’m the one a customer counts on to make sure their orders ship on time."

Going beyond what’s expected

Like most of my colleagues, I typically work with one or two specific customers. So they get to know me as I work to understand the specific aspects of their business. I realize the job I do is important because customers evaluate LNK based on my day-to-day service of their account.

That can involve many things. I am the one a customer counts on to make sure their orders ship on time. The moment they place their order I check available inventory and, if necessary, coordinate with my colleagues in Production to produce the items ordered in time to meet the required ship date. I also oversee that any question a customer may have that I cannot answer is guided to the appropriate department.

I pride myself on going beyond what is expected. That means keeping my customers informed of all updates from LNK including the status of package graphic changes, specifications on new products and when an order will be available for shipment-complete and on time.

It is ironic that with today's advanced communications so many businesses have lost sight of what the term “customer service” really means. Fortunately, we have not.

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