"A bottling line has to be highly orchestrated"

Quality control is job one

When people ask what I do as an operator at LNK, I tell them I am like a conductor. I run one of our many bottling lines and my job is to make sure that our high quality products are bottled and packaged efficiently and properly in accordance with all customer and regulatory specifications.

A bottling line has to be highly orchestrated. Before starting the line, I make sure that I have the correct product and components to produce the order. I also confirm that Quality Assurance has checked the line and has approved all components.

While the line is running, I oversee bottle fill, metal detection and capping. Only quality product is packaged for shipment to our customers. I have been trained in our company procedures and cGMP – current Good Manufacturing Practices – so I am confident in knowing the high standards our products have to meet.

I feel a great sense of satisfaction for my role in the process.

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